Tembe Elephant Park is a link wth ancient Africa...with its animals, birds & with its people. The proclaimed park, owned by the Tembe tribe & bio-diversity managed by Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, the KwaZulu-Natal conservation services, is on the old Ivory Route between Mozambique and the zulu territory. The Tembes were once the custodians of that route and today still surround a 300 square kilometre parcel f Africa, which as the largest elephants in the world and at a range of wildlife right down to the tiny suni, one of the smallest antelope.


Besides its 180 elephant (KwaZulu-Natal's only remaining herd of indigenous to the province), Tembe has the other members of the big five - lion, leopard, rhino & buffalo - as well as the range of other mammal species, supported by its sand forest and grassland habitat. It has more than 340 bird species, some of which are at the southern limit of their range.

The Tembe people are eager to share this treasure with the outside world... to introduce visitors to real wilderness and explain to them its mystique, as they inherited the understanding from their forbearers. They are also eager to share with visitors the richness of their own culture, show how it effortlessly interlinks with the wilderness about them ands makes preservation of that wilderness an imperative. Tembe guides and camp staff bring to their daily task the charm and gentle humour of their people, adding an extra dimension and enjoyment to the experience of eco-tourism.

Tembe Elephant Park is an authentic Africa, with its fine weather the year round and just the right balance between raw nature and human comfort.

Accommodation is  luxury tented pavilions with en suite bathrooms, each located deep in the bush inside the park and out of direct contact with others. Meals are taken separately or na communal dining boma under the stars, to the thrilling night sounds of the bush. Social gatherings round a campfire are the after dinner option. The local community provide spectacular evening displays of traditional dancing.

Several open vehicle game drives are offered during the day, as well a at night. Stop-offs at waterholes provide superb viewing and photographic opportunities from hides. Walks accompanied by a guide are another popular feature giving the visitor the full atmosphere of wilderness.


Tembe Elephant Park is a different experience, best over a stay of at least two nights to get the full range of what is on offer. New tar roads now makes it only a six hour drive from Johannesburg and four and a half hour trip from Durban. Visitors are picked up at the park gate in a 4x4 safari vehicle. General public access is restricted to five vehicles a day.

Tembe Elephant Park is a place for purists - who also have an appreciation of he comforts of life.

Be pampered by the Tembe people...

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